General Medicine

The Doctor’s Office provides a broad spectrum of basic care to patients with both acute and chronic conditions. If needed, referrals are provided as necessary if a patient develops medical issues which the practitioner feels input from a specialist is necessary. For example, if a patient has labs done that indicate there could be kidney problems, he or she would be referred to a nephrologist for further evaluation and treatment if indicated.

The scope of a general medicine practice is broad. It encompasses most aspects of family medicine or internal medicine. Rather than focusing on a particular medical specialty such as the cardiovascular system or the brain, a general practitioner knows a great deal about a large number of things, which allows the practitioner to provide care or referrals to patients with a variety of conditions, concerns, and medical issues.

At a general medicine practice, patients can receive routine physicals, annual exams, sports physicals, and treatment for an array of basic conditions, ranging from strep throat to asthma. If a patient develops complications, or presents with a challenging medical condition which could require the attention of a specialist, the practice will refer the patient as needed. The practice can also be involved in the long-term management of patients after they have stabilized by specialists.

We have a full complement of on site lab, X ray and testing services.

Practice Focus

General Medical Care
School/Camp/Sports Physicals
Women’s Health Care
Care Focused on Wellness